Welcome to the Sixth Form

The aim of this page is to provide students and their parents with as much information as possible about the school Sixth Form. We feel it gives a real flavour of our special community and we hope it is of use to both existing and prospective students and their parents.

Choosing the right community for post-16 study is a difficult one, but we feel we offer an outstanding level of support and provision for all the students in our care in one of the most academic, yet supportive Sixth Forms in the country. We offer first-class, academic provision in 27 different A Level subjects, combined with an extra-curricular and pastoral programme which ensures we develop well-rounded and successful young people. Our motto is ‘Love as Brethren’ and this is encapsulated around the three pillars of our post 16-provision; academic success, extra-curricular enrichment and cultural and personal development. We are a large Sixth Form with around 460 students who form a diverse and highly talented cohort of exceptional young people. We have extremely high expectations of all our students in all areas of their lives; personal appearance, conduct and academic standards.

This year has been another highly successful one for the Sixth Form and most importantly its students. The Sixth Form continues to break the national trend with a strong set of both AS and A2 results. Year 13 achieved an excellent pass rate of 99% with 63% of entries at grade A*, A and B. Twenty-six subjects achieved a 100% pass rate with at least two-thirds of our students achieving an A*, A or B grade in over half of all the subjects we offer. Year 12 students achieved very good results in their AS examinations with a pass rate of 93.8% with almost 50% of students achieving at grade A or B. Once again it is pleasing to see the overwhelming majority of our students’ progress onto university courses at the very best institutions in the country. Moreover, we regard our careers provision to be amongst the best in the country and many students leave straight from Coopers’ taking up highly revered posts in international companies such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC.

Our accommodation provision is something we are rightly proud of, following a £1m investment in a new ‘Sixth Form Centre’ which opened in 2011. The Centre was built following an extensive fund-raising campaign with contributions from hundreds of members of our school community. Students’ benefit from a state of the art ‘Common Room’ with their own dining and social facilities, complimented by flat screen TVs and wireless broadband. For study, there is a purpose built ‘Learning Zone’ with space for private study and over 50 high-speed PCs to support learning. The Centre boosts 10 state-of-the-art classrooms, with in-built audio-visual technology, the latest interactive teaching whiteboards as well as air conditioning in all rooms.

The Sixth Form is only one part of a highly successful school community of over 1300 students and it is expected that they will act as role-models and leaders. We strongly believe that studying at The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School Sixth Form is an excellent choice that not only provides first rate teaching and learning within a traditional context, but also prepares students for the challenges of 21st Century life.

The Team
Mr R Bell Miss C Pitchford Mrs A Wilkes Mrs R Read Mrs S King Mrs M Donnellan
Mr R Bell Miss C Pitchford Mrs A Wilkes Mrs R Read Mrs S King Mrs M Donnellan
Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form Head of Year Head of Year Academic Development Coordinator Head of Careers & Sixth Form Coordinator Sixth Form Administrator

In 2011 a new Sixth Form Pastoral Team took shape as the new Sixth Form Centre was launched. The Sixth Form Pastoral Team consists of six members of staff, all of whom are specialists in ensuring that students receive the very best support over their two years in the school Sixth Form.

The Sixth Form is led by Mr R Bell, who as Assistant Head with overall responsibility as Director of Sixth Form provides strategic direction and leadership to the community of 500 personnel.

Each year group is then supported specifically through a Head of Year, who will be either Miss C Pitchford or Mrs A Wilkes, both members of staff work with the students in their respective year groups on a day-to-day basis. In particular the Head of Year gains a holistic overview of each student’s progress and is the first point of contact for parents in dealings with the school at Key Stage 5.

Mrs S King, acts both as Head of Careers and the Sixth Form Coordinator in a dual role which means that she is intrinsic to daily life in the Sixth Form. With increasing numbers of students deciding not to apply to university and instead head into the ‘world of work’, Mrs King is able to provide advice to students and has been instrumental in ensuring that Coopers career provision is amongst the very best in the country. Mrs King has developed a specialist Careers Website to support students and their parents and this can be accessed by the link entitled ‘Careers Education’.

As Academic Development Coordinator, Mrs R Read plays a leading role in ensuring that students who are looking to apply to either Oxford or Cambridge University receive the very best support. All university applications are important to us, but a critical aspect of our provision is the care and attention we provide to Oxbridge candidates. Mrs Read also works with students in this at KS3 and KS4 and also has overall responsibility for our ‘Beyond 18 Evening’ in July.

Last, but by no means least, Mrs M Donnellan who as Sixth Form Administrator performs a vital role in overseeing many aspects of Sixth Form life from attendance, to communication with parents, through to oversight of the Learning Zone.

The Sixth Form Centre

In 2011 the new school Sixth Form Centre was opened following a £1.5m investment. The history behind the building of this new centre is indicative of the Sixth Form community that we are. The building was largely financed through hundreds of individual donations over the course of a three year fund-raising campaign which resulted in the build taking place between 2010-11. The Sixth Form Centre places us at the cutting edge of post-16 provision in the local community.

Students’ benefit from a state of the art ‘Common Room’ with their own dining and social facilities, complimented by flat screen TVs and wireless broadband. For study, there is a purpose built ‘Learning Zone’ with space for private study and over 50 high-speed PCs to support learning. The Centre boosts 10 state-of-the-art classrooms, with in-built audio-visual technology, the latest interactive teaching whiteboards as well as air conditioning in all rooms.


Students in the Sixth Form have access to around 27 ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level subjects, all taught by experienced and very able teachers. The variety of courses available at Coopers’ Coborn means that students can choose subjects that best suit their abilities, aspirations and interests. Every applicant must choose four subjects. ‘A’ Level Critical Thinking or General Studies become an additional fifth subject. Additionally, we also offer a week of work-shadowing in July to ensure that students are beginning to consider their future after Coopers’. We look to offer students their first choice A levels when they join the Sixth Form in Year 12. However, please note that if a student wishes to change their choice of A levels this may not be possible.

Intake of Students

The School’s Sixth Formers are drawn from a very wide geographical area, the majority coming from Coopers’ Coborn itself but many also joining from other schools. Each year, we have many more applications than places available and so we adhere strictly to an Admissions Code. Since 2008, the numbers applying to join our school Sixth Form have doubled. We now have over 600 applications every year for around 100 external places. One of the unique features of the Sixth Form is the rich mix of highly able and motivated students. The School believes that students learn as much from each other as from their teachers.

Approach to Learning and Study

The Sixth Form is unashamedly academic; we only offer highly-challenging and rigorous A Level qualifications which are respected by employers and universities; these are taught in a traditional and rigorous way. The school encourages its Sixth Formers to become independent learners at the same time as taking direct responsibility for the management of the considerable expectations made of them. Students are progressively given more autonomy and independence but within a firm framework of clear support and guidance. Progress is closely monitored through day-to-day contact with tutors and with subject teachers. Students in the Sixth Form are expected to devote at least 20 hours per week to their studies, in addition to their time spent in lessons. In recognition of the significant demands of this study it is also expected that no student has more than ten hours paid employment. The School’s aim is that each student achieves their full potential; there cannot be comprises with commitments that will undermine this aspiration.

Tracking Academic Progress

Each year there is constant communication with a mentor to discuss each student’s academic performance, their current attainment grades and their future goals. Parents also receive an annual report on the progress of their son or daughter and the standards they have reached in their chosen subjects. There is also a strong student tracking system. Near to the beginning of Year 12 Sixth Formers know the minimum expected grade they should achieve in their chosen subjects and their subsequent performance is constantly checked against these benchmarks. Students from Coopers’ Coborn invariably achieve far beyond these initial minimum expectations. At the end of Year 12 a major review of student progress takes place. If any Sixth Former is deemed to be underperforming, then a number of options are considered: in rare cases, a student will be asked to leave the Sixth Form if their performance is significantly below expectation (without justifiable cause). In general, students are expected to secure at least a grade C at AS if they are to progress to A2 in Year 13.


Sixth Formers wear their own smart and distinctive uniform in recognition of their seniority and the way the whole school looks to them for leadership and example. It is therefore expected that Sixth Formers wear their uniforms with pride and without quibble. The uniform requirements are made clear to students before entry to the Sixth Form and failure to meet them will be addressed speedily and unequivocally. As a parent, it is expected that you will support the school without reservation with regards to uniform.

Attendance and Punctuality

The highest standards of attendance and punctuality are expected from our students. Where a student does not meet the School’s high expectations, quick action is taken to improve matters. A continuing inability to meet the requirements made of all Sixth Formers regarding work, attendance, punctuality and uniform will lead to a review of the student’s future in the School. In particular, all students are expected in school by 8.30am each morning and are expected to attend the weekly assembly. Students are expected in School for 6 hours a day from 8:30am to 2:30pm. If a student does not have an afternoon lesson then they are permitted to 'sign out' for afternoon study.

Supporting the Ethos

All students who join the Sixth Form are expected to support the ethos of the School. Attendance at assembly is compulsory. The School also asks families to contribute £40 Service Fund each term per pupil. These contributions can be ‘gift aided’ and arrangements exist to allow them to be made by Standing Order. We also use an extensive House system to foster collegiality and competition within the school; students will be placed in one of four houses; Coborn, Gibson, Guild or Ratcliffe and they are expected to become involved in a broad range of school activities. Sixth Form study is a partnership between the student, School and family. As such all members of the Sixth Form sign up to our 'Home School Agreement' (which can be found in the 'Downloads' section).

Extra-Curricular Activities and Games

Students naturally play an active part in the wider life of the Sixth Form and the School. They have representation on the Student Council and are strongly involved in a breadth of clubs and associations. These range from Amnesty International to The Debating Society to The Philosophy Club. New clubs and societies continually form themselves in response to the emergence of fresh interests and enthusiasms. Sixth Formers also support lower school pupils, organise trips and social events, raise funds for charity, and manage their own Common Room. The School is well known for the exciting national and international trips it runs and Sixth Form students customarily take part in many of them. Sixth Formers also continue to play a major part in the vibrant musical, dramatic and sporting life of the School. In addition, Sixth Formers have a timetabled lesson of 'Enrichment' each week when they actively participate in an array of indoor and outdoor activities. Our enrichment programme runs on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon in a University style format. The Director of Sixth Form and Heads of Year also organises a programme of visiting speakers to address the students on a variety of relevant topics through our excellent PSHE programme which runs on four dates throughout the year.

Higher Education and Careers Guidance

Students in the Sixth Form are carefully guided through the whole process of university/careers applications. Early on, Sixth Formers receive extensive tuition whilst also having access to an excellently stocked Careers and Higher Education library. For UCAS applications, once the student is ready, they then work closely with their tutors, Sixth Form staff, the Head of Year 13 and the Director of Sixth Form in ensuring they submit the very best university application form they can. A first class careers guidance service is also available to any student who wishes to enter a career when leaving the Sixth Form. The aim of the School is that all students will leave well equipped for the next stage of their lives, whether it is university, a job or a ‘gap year’.

School Captains and Sixth Form Responsibilities

Service to the School is one of its great strengths and exemplifies the School’s motto to Love as Brethren. Sixth Formers play a crucial role in this work. The Sixth Form has a structure of School Captains, Vice-Captains, Sixth Form Captains and Games Captains. Whilst School Captains, Vice-Captains and Games Captains have wider school responsibilities, Sixth Form Captains have administrative and social responsibilities specifically within the Sixth Form. Sixth Formers are also appointed as prefects to each class in years 7 to 11. The School regards all members of the Sixth Form as prefects in their own right; all Sixth Formers will be expected to work in collaboration with peers and staff and will be given day-to-day jobs and longer term duties in the running of the School. Whilst Sixth Formers will clearly be given a great deal of responsibility, the rewards for these are the privileges the School grants them and the opportunity to be part of such a vibrant and successful community.

In academic year 2013/2014, captains were as follows:

School Captains: Jonathon Murphy, Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill, Nick Duffey, Gillian Sarpong-Kumankomah, Kirsty Evans, Andrew Holland

Sixth Form Captains: Petros Akin-Nibosun, Amber Grant, Tobi James, Nathan Nwachukwu, Deborah Ayodele, Chloe Picton, Linh Pham, Emily Coleman

Games Captains: Nick Shade, Hannah Bloy, Jess Baylis, Georgia Porter, Gopal Sagoo, Daniel Gorsuch

Music Captains: Enis Nazif, Rob Gardner, Katherine Tweddle, Rosie Howard

Student Views

The School’s ultimate purpose is to provide a first class education within a supportive and caring environment. The aim is to help each student reach their personal goals. The School’s repeated high standing amongst the country’s best sixth forms is an indication that its successes have not only been substantial but sustained over time. Each year the School looks forward to welcoming new students committed to realising their aspirations within a unique but demanding Sixth Form. The final word is given to students who have chosen to take up this opportunity and challenge...

“Having been at Coopers’ for a grand total of 7 years, and knowing our time here is drawing to its end, it feels right to give the School the recognition it deserves by giving you a truthful insight into the way the school runs.

At Coopers’ Sixth Form there are many different types of learning styles; from the interactive to university style lectures with the teachers finding the environment that suits you. With plenty of study rooms, hundreds of computers to access, interactive white boards in each classroom and space to unwind you can expect good results, if you optimize theses facilities.

Teachers here at Coopers’, work on the assumption that you want to learn and this should be a consideration when you apply, but don’t worry Coopers’ is not an exam factory. With a good inter-year relationship, there is an enjoyable atmosphere and good banter penetrating your studies, making the Sixth Form Centre a positive environment.

One of Coopers’ strengths is its ability to discover your talents and arm you with the confidence to succeed in your specified field, whether that be academic, sporting or the creative arts. There is a firm belief instilled into us all, that everyone has a talent and deserves to be encouraged and taught in such a way that they achieve to the best of their abilities.

Your future is in good hands! Whether you intend to continue your studies to university or enter the world of work, the School will be with you every step of the way to support. The dreaded UCAS application period is made a lot less stressful by the help of Form Tutors and senior members of staff. If university is not for you do not worry: with excellent and motivating careers advisors you will leave with a C.V that is to the best of your ability and confidence for interview, knowing winning techniques to earn you the best position in the right job.

The Captains.

Examination Results

Click here to view the 2013 AS and A2 Examination results.

Destination Information

Final destination of last year’s Year 13:

DestinationNumber of StudentsPercentage of Students
Alternative Further Education52%

University Destination Data 2012:

SubjectNumber of StudentsPercentage of Students
Science related3021%
English related86%
IT related75%